Current Projects

Parasites Unleashed! by Zygote Games

Zygote Games, based in Hadley, Massachusetts has produced an educational game about fun-loving critters that live off of other critters. With each illustration I had to translate perfectly awful parasitic activities into humourous Tex Avery-style antics (one drawing order contained the words "eviscerate itself" and "but make it funny" in the same sentence). 

The Bug Opera

Geoffrey Hudson and Alisa Pearson have written an opera for kids about bugs (its about time someone did, if you ask me). It is called, of course, "The Bug Opera". A Mosquito who refuses to drink blood; a caterpillar who doesn't want to grow up; an evil spider who offers to solve their problems if they just take up residence in her "ab-do-men". Great music. Wonderful story. Indian Hill produced it for the first time on stage in November 2006.